Who We Are


Welcome to Miyami – a legacy of excellence and innovation since 1997. We initially began our journey with the export of cowrie shells to India and Pakistan. In 1998, we diversified, venturing into wholesale and retail business, focusing on food items and general consumer goods. Over the years, we have expanded our operations nationwide, establishing a reliable distribution network with outlets in all corners of Maldives.

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Experience the essence of Miyami – where quality, accessibility, and community converge
Company Overview

Reliable Quality, Accessible to All


Our Mission

Our mission at Miyami is rooted in a commitment to delivering excellence, fostering a sense of belonging, and promoting the natural appeal of the Maldives through our diverse range of products.

Our Core Values

Equal blame belongs to those who fail in their duty through weakness of will which the same as saying.

  • Quality: Miyami is unwavering in its commitment to delivering only the finest products and services to its customers.
  • Reliability: We pride ourselves on being a brand that our customers, suppliers, and partners can trust.
  • Community: At the heart of our brand is the desire to create a sense of belonging for our customers.

Our Vision

At Miyami, we envision being a beacon of quality and reliability, transcending boundaries to provide accessible products that enrich the lives of our community.

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Company Started

Miyami Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd is founded, focusing on exporting cowrie shells to India and Pakistan.



Diversified into wholesale and retail usiness of food items and general onsumer goods (FMCG).



Miyami expands its operations throughout the Maldives, establishing a reliable distribution network.



Miyami opens outlets in major atolls, ncluding Male’, Hulhumale City, and ulhudhuffushi island in the North.



Miyami establishes its own wholesale utlet in the capital city at Male



Miyami continues to grow and thrive, reaching customers nationwide and maintaining a prominent presence in the Maldivian market

Our USPs

Unwavering Commitment to Quality Products

Discover Miyami's pledge to provide products of the highest quality, ensuring reliability and satisfaction for our valued customers.

Our USPs

Capturing the Maldivian Essence in Every Product

Immerse yourself in the natural allure of the Maldives through our products, each crafted to embody the unique beauty of this tropical paradise.

Our USPs

Building a Community Beyond Commerce

Join Miyami's community, where shared values and a sense of belonging create an inclusive space beyond transactions.

Our USPs

Bringing Miyami's Touch Everywhere

Experience the convenience of Miyami products transcending geographical boundaries, making quality accessible to everyone.

Our USPs

Sustainability at Miyami's Core

Explore how Miyami integrates sustainable practices, ensuring our commitment to the environment and responsible business operations.